How Can I make an appointment for a tattoo? 

  • Please call to check availability with your artist. A $50 Cash deposit is required to make an appointment for a tattoo, and this will be returned upon the completion of the tattoo. 

How old do I need to be to get tattooed?

  • In our shop you must be 18 or older to get tattooed with a valid photo ID.

I Need to reschedule!

  • Please give us a call. 48 hours or more notice via phone call is needed to retain your deposit.

How can I get a walk-in tattoo done?

  • Walk-ins are available during the week based on availability (call to check artists' schedules) or every Saturday from 11am-4pm (call first, sometimes there is a wait).

Do you guarentee your tattoos?

  • Yes! Our tattoos are guaranteed, you must let your artist know within 3 months if your tattoo needs a touchup.

How much do tattoos cost in your shop?

  • The shop minimum is $65, larger tattoos are $135 an hour, stop by any time to show an artist your ideas and get an idea of pricing for your specific piece. Unfortunately we are unable to price tattoos via the internet or phone.

Are there things you will not tattoo?

  • We reserve the right to refuse certain subject matter as well as placement of certain tattoos, we want to do our best to make sure all of our tattoos will be of a higher quality and long lasting for our clients.

How can I give a tattoo as a gift?

  • Gift certificates are available for purchase in person. If you are from out of state we can process over the phone and mail or hold for your client (additional charges may apply).

My friend told me to use their aftercare, what is correct?

  • Please follow what your artist has instructed you to do. They know what works best to heal their style of tattooing. If there are any issues or questions, contact us right away! We would rather help during the process then find out later.


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