Do you carry quality jewelry?

  • We carry a variety of high quality jewelry, from titanium to gold, swarovski crystal to genuine stone. All of our jewelry is internally threaded or higher quality to ensure the best for your healed and fresh piercing.

Can I get jewelry that I do not see in your store or saw online? 

  • We can order from any company, and custom orders are an option for specialty items, contact us for more details!

Can I make an appointment?

  • Piercing appointments and walk ins are available, please call to check wait times or to set up for a later date.

Can I bring in jewelry that I purchased from another store?

  • We cannot at this time allow outside jewelry unless we can confirm the manufacturer, pls check with your piecer.

I am a minor and want to get pierced, what do I need?

  • Please call the shop to check the age minimums for the piercing you are interested in. You must bring in your birth certificate and your school ID (passport or state ID is also acceptable, still need birth certificate). Your legal guardian must come with you, they must have their drivers license or passport and their name must match the one on your birth certificate (if it doesn't we will need the supporting documents. ei-divorce or marriage certificate).

I have a bump on the site of my piercing, what do I do?

  • Call us for further instructions, please do not try any home remedies! You can also email us a well lit photo (include your contact info).


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