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Body Piercing Aftercare Instructions

We only suggest using an isotonic saline (0.9% sodium chloride solution) for the care of a healing body or ear piercing.


DO NOT use products such as Neosporin, bacitracin, A&D ointment, vaseline, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and Bactine. The manufacturers of these products state that they are not for use on puncture wounds. We also do not suggest the use of antibacterial or antimicrobial soaps, "ear piercing solutions" from other studios, or medicated soaps like Hibicleanse or Provon. 


Using products other than isotonic saline may result in complications and/or delayed healing.

You can make your own saline solution by following the instructions below. Please do not adjust the ratios of salt or water, as they are relatively specific for the use of wound care. Too salty of a solution or not salty enough may result in a delayed heal or other complications.

You will need the following for a small/ single batch of saline (discard unused portion):

**8oz of warm, purified or distilled water (some choose to bring water to a boil and then allow it to cool until it is a safe temperature). If your tap water is safe to drink you can use cold tap and microwave it to a warm but safe temperature.
**ONE- 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon (not a tablespoon!) of non-iodized, additive-free sea salt



You will need the following for a large batch of saline:

**1 gallon of distilled water

**4 LEVELED teaspoons of additive free, non-iodized sea salt

Carefully add the 4 leveled teaspoons of sea salt to the gallon of distilled water. Close the cap tightly and shake well. Please mix your solution at least 12 hours prior to use so the salt has the opportunity to fully dissolve. Shake well each time before using. This solution must be stored in the refrigerator during any period of non-use to inhibit the growth of mildew and mold. Please write on your gallon of home made saline solution "Do Not Drink" and the date you made it.  The saline is only good for 30 days, any unused portion should be discarded. A new gallon should be made the day before your first batch expires. 

Some piercing placements such as nostril and septum can be submerged in saline solution using a small cup. If you are using a reusable cup, you must wash it with hot soapy water before each use. If you are making a large batch of saline, you can pour your saline into a cup and hold it over the sink before submerging your piercing in it.